It’s a Small Business World

034 - How to be a brave leader with David McQueen

January 31, 2024 B2BeeMatch Episode 34
It’s a Small Business World
034 - How to be a brave leader with David McQueen
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Want to learn how to be a brave business leader? Listen to David McQueen, venture catalyst, executive coach, speaker, and author of The Brave Leader, tell hosts KC and Jaime how he guides executives to make better decisions and become more inclusive leaders. 

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What is a “venture catalyst”?
What companies has David worked with? How does he stay true to his values?
Does David notice people getting tired of hearing about diversity and inclusion in the UK?
How does David’s Caribbean descent and UK citizenship shape his unique identity?
What is David’s new book about?
How do David’s wife and children impact his leadership?
What is David’s superpower?