It’s a Small Business World

033 - How to become an effective leader with Scott Monty

January 17, 2024 B2BeeMatch Episode 33
It’s a Small Business World
033 - How to become an effective leader with Scott Monty
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Are your misconceptions about what it means to be a leader actually holding you back? Listen to Scott Monty, an experienced leadership coach and communications strategist, talk effective leadership and serving others!   

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What impact can the power of storytelling really have?
How did Scott come to be ranked #1 on The Economist's list of social business leaders?
What emerging trends is Scott seeing in social media right now?
What made Scott decide to be an entrepreneur?
What does Scott think are some of the misconceptions about leadership?
What does Scott Monty Strategies offer clients?
What qualities or traits are crucial for an effective leader?
What is Scott’s superpower?