It’s a Small Business World

021 - How to stand out as a small business with Adam Konowe

June 21, 2023 B2BeeMatch Episode 21
It’s a Small Business World
021 - How to stand out as a small business with Adam Konowe
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Want to learn how to develop your business brand and reputation? Listen to Adam Konowe, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Edelman, discuss strategies to build and promote your small business!

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How has the marketing and communications landscape evolved and what does this mean for SMBs?
What are some ways for SMBs to define success?
How have promotion and networking events changed following the Pandemic?
How should small businesses balance in person and virtual events and promotion?
What is Adam’s experience with the media landscape and how it differs internationally?
How can you access the B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report?
How can you contact Adam and learn more about Edelman’s projects?