It’s a Small Business World

019 - How to succeed as an entrepreneur with Kaylee Astle

April 26, 2023 B2BeeMatch Episode 19
It’s a Small Business World
019 - How to succeed as an entrepreneur with Kaylee Astle
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Want to learn how to succeed as an entrepreneur? Listen to Kaylee Astle, founder and CEO of Blanka, discuss her startup journey, and get tips and tricks to help you overcome some of the biggest challenges out there today!

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Thanks for joining Kaylee Astle and our hosts, KC Goundiam and Jaime Buelta, for this episode of It’s a Small Business World. This podcast is powered by B2BeeMatch. We’re the international business networking platform connecting small and medium businesses in more than 85 countries and 160 industries. Check us out today!

Why did Kaylee become an entrepreneur?
What are some of the qualities an entrepreneur must have to be successful today?
Does Kaylee think that women entrepreneurs tackle problems differently from their male counterparts?
What is Blanka and how does it help entrepreneurs in the beauty industry?
What is Blanka’s market reach?
Does Kaylee have plans to go into industries other than beauty?
What does Kaylee think are some of the biggest challenges that startups face today?
Which organizations and resources are available to help startups in Canada?
What goals and aspirations does Kaylee have for Blanka in the next few years?